Perfect for Warehousing: File Manager, Media Browser, Online Text Editor, and Mini CMS

You do not know how to organise your warehoused photos on your server the correct way? You want to provide your customer a way to upload documents, and downoad them? Need to perform a change on your website when you are not on your Mac?

Repository Stack is the perfect answer therefore. It allows you to manage your server files:

  • Upload and download all kind of files like images or documents
  • Create, rename, or delete folders and files
  • Move files around the server location
  • Edit text documents like css, js, html, or php directly on the server
  • Preview images in a gallery style lightbox
  • 2 user accounts with username/password login
  • Sitelok Integration
  • Email notification for file uploads

All these options can be enabled or disabled to fit your use case.

Repository Stack comes with its own username and password authentication to restrict access to its user interface. It is translated in different languages (English, German, Polish, and more on request). As it is based on Bootstrap, it will bring its own theming (regardless of the theme you choose). In addition, it is only allowed to be the only Stack on one page.

Furthermore, you get an embed stack for various file formats, allowing you to create your own localizeable Mini CMS:

  • Plain and markdown text
  • Images, audio, video
  • CSV tables and PDF documents

Minimum Prerequisites:

  • RapidWeaver 7
  • Stacks Plugin 3.5
  • PHP 5.6


Configuration UI
File Browser
Text Editor
Image Lightbox
File Upload

Version History

Repository Stack

Repository Stack