Online presentations and slideshows for your next keynote

StageDive enables you to create beautiful interactive slideshows using RapidWeaver. These are perfect for online tutorials or educational content.

You are able to swipe in different transitions through horizontal or vertical slides with mobile gestures, keyboard shortcuts, or mouse events. It is also looking great on mobile devices or tablets.

StageDive allows to view a slide overview, pausing of slideshows, and a special speaker view for multiple displays. It comes with 11 different theming variations (and a theme designer is on the roadmap).

StageDive has to use its own theme, so you won’t be able to use other themes and RapidWeavers traditional navigation menus for a StageDive presentation (mixing of different themes in one project is still possible). Still you able to use 3rd party navigation Stacks therefore, see demo for more info.

Minimum Prerequisites:

  • RapidWeaver 8
  • Stacks Plugin 4


Configuration UI
Theme and Stacks

Version History

inStacks Software

The place for innovative Stacks for RapidWeaver, which are focusing on integration and effectiveness.
All Stacks require RapidWeaver 8 from RealMac Software and the Stacks 4 Plugin from YourHead.

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