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With Paddle Stack, it is super easy to integrate Paddle Buttons and Overlay Checkouts into your site. Most common configuration options are available inside the Stack settings.

Choose from different Paddle Button Layouts or custom freestyle button layouts
Test the checkout process directly in RapidWeaver preview

Minimum Prerequisites:

  • RapidWeaver 8
  • Stacks Plugin 4


Paddle Stack Settings

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General Settings

  • Vendor ID: You will find the vendor ID inside the Paddle Dashboard -> Vendor Settings -> Integrations
  • Product ID: You are able to find the product ID in the Paddle dashboard
  • Button Theme: Choose between default Paddle buttons (light, dark, green), custom Ghost Button layout with additional options, no layout (link), or Custom Button to get a drop zone for for any button / child stack, which contains a link
  • Success Page: Override the default Paddle success page with a custom one
  • Allow Quantity: Allow the customer to change the quantity of the product
  • Coupon Code: Add a coupon code if you want to supply one directly
  • Quantity: 1 by default
  • Price and Auth MD5: Override the default price. See Paddle.js / Overlay Checkout (v2) for more info

  • Alignment: Align the button left, center, right
  • Icon: Font Awesome Icon
  • Icon V Align: Vertical alignment of the font awesome icon

Ghost Button Settings

  • Border Width: Width of the border
  • Border Style: Style of the border
  • Border Color: Color of the border
  • Text Color: Text color of text inside the button
  • Hover Text Color: Color when hovering over text
  • Border Radius: Radius of the button border
  • Button width: Width of the button
  • Padding: Padding between text and border

Display prices from Paddle Dashboard automatically

It is possible to display the price of your product inside a text stack. Therefore, add following text snippet to the same page as the Paddle Checkout Button to get a nice pricing text like This product will cost €5.00:

This product will cost <span class="paddle-gross" data-product="504543"></span>

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