Create multilingual RapidWeaver sites, the CMS way

You are already using Pulse CMS or Easy / Total CMS? Now you have the possibility to create a multilingual version of it. Localizer Stack is deeply integrated with Pulse CMS and Easy / Total CMS. Use the tools you are familiar with to translate texts.

Localizer Stack evaluates the browser language given by the user. If this language was foreseen in the translation, the respective texts will be displayed, if not, a fallback version will be used. It is also possible to let the user decide which language to choose from.

You are able to translate text modules on the Stacks Plugin page. Due to the tag and macro functionality, it is possible to translate also titles, slogans, and menu bars.

The page layout inside RapidWeaver stays tidy because of the CMS system usage. The translation happens inside the CMS system, either by yourself, the customer, or a translation agency.

You want to see a demo? Have a look here on this website and change between English and German, most of the texts are already translated.


  • RapidWeaver 6 or RapidWeaver 7
  • Stacks Plugin 3.1
  • PHP
  • Either a licensed version of Pulse CMS, or Easy / Total CMS


Configuration UI
Configuration UI