OpenStreetMap Stack 2 Tutorial

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  • Map Height: Define the height of the map, either in px, em, or rem

  • Map Latitute and Longitute: The coordinates for the map center. Check out to find your location.

  • Zoom: Zoom level, please be aware that different maps have different zoom level starting points, not all maps are available in the highest zoom level

  • Marker #: Set a pin to your desired coordinates

  • Marker # Text: An optional popup text for the pin

  • Marker # Link: An optional link for the marker text

  • Marker # Color: Color option for the pin

Special Settings for Thunderforest Maps

  • Thunderforest needs an API key, which you can get here:
  • After registration, enter the API key into the Optional API Key input field.
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Special Settings for Mapbox Styles

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